Aleatoric Rhythms – ERGO KUKKE


Aleatoric Rhythms

Cinematic Rhythmic Pulses for Kontakt.

Product Overview

Aleatoric Rhythms is a bold new instrument that uses sounds from synthesizers and real life recordings. Sounds vary from nasty bass riffs to sneaky and immersive percussion loops. Recorded with a portable studio microphone, the sounds were captured in real environments – the exact environments, sometimes clever and sometimes nasty, that the loops want to portray. The sounds dear to be different and are meant to give immediate inspiration together with their powerful engine. This ensures that you will stand out from the crowd and immerse listeners into your work.

The Aleatoric Rhythms engine is easy to use, but can give rich and complex outcomes. Aleatoric Rhythms contains four individually adjustable sample sources, each housing an abundance of fully modulatable parameters. The ‘Source Movement’ & ‘Filter Movement’ manipulation pads makes your score come alive and move with the picture.

For more creative options, the single loops are made available for you to use in your DAW. These wave files are also categorised and named to carry all relevant information about key, BPM and length.

Key Features:

  • Four Sample Sources, each being allocated one of 200 different samples.
  • 80 Thematic Categorized Snapshots.
  • Independent 3-band EQ, Envelope & Filter Parameters, for each source.
  • Pitch Shifting Controls, for shifting +/- 36 semitones.
  • Source-Specific Panning Controls.
  • Sample Selection Randomisation.
  • ‘Source Movement’ Manipulation Pad, controlling the Gain Distribution Ratio.
  • ‘Filter Movement’ Manipulation Pad, controlling Filter Cutoff & Resonance on either all sources, or per-source.
  • ‘Horizontal’, ‘Vertical’ & ‘Circular’ Modulation Units, for both Manipulation Pads.
  • ‘Edit Modulation’ Menu, containing 4 LFO Modules, for modulating any source parameter, alongside 4 Envelope Modules, for controlling the dynamics of multiple different source parameters.
  • ‘Edit Effects’ Menu, featuring 9 different Effects Modules; Chorus, Distortion, Lo-Fi (Bitcrusher), Replika Delay, Spatial (Stereo Field Enhancer), Filter, Phasis (Phaser), Convolution (Reverb) & Flair (Tuned, Harmonics-Enhancing Flanger).
  • ‘Edit Randomise’ Page, housing toggles for the randomisation of multiple sets of parameters.
  • Best performance is around 115bpm.


Included Samples & Snapshots

The 200 included samples range from classic tonal beats, to gritty bass, ambient layers & snappy percussion loops, and everything in between. Consequently, Aleatoric Rhythms was designed for cinematic material, but can be used as an expressive layer in most genres of music. Whether you’re looking for a simple layer to make your cue come to life or a more complex and thematic feel for your track, Aleatoric Rhythms will make your job easier.

The best of what Aleatoric Rhythms has to offer is available for auditioning right out of the box; with the 80 categorized Snapshots. They are handily divided into ‘Action’, ‘Tensed’, ‘Sneaky’ & ‘Freaky’ subgroups for exceptionally efficient location of track-appropriate sounds. Each snapshot is easily adaptable, making it simple to modify into the perfect sound.

Four Flexible Sample Sources

The four sound sources allow you to layer sounds from “Bass”, “Drum Loops”, “FX”, “Layers”, “Melodics” and “Percussion”. Together they will produce an inspiring starter or a progressive continuation to your music.

The controls on each sound source allow you to tailor the sound to your project’s needs, thus making them extremely effective. These include EQ, Envelope & Filter to mix your sounds and make them unique.

Source Movement Manipulation Pad

One of Aleatoric Rhythms most defining features, the ‘Source Movement’ Manipulation Pad permits for unrivalled control over the four sound source gain dynamics. Continually shifting the focus of your rhythmic layers, the produced sound will start to breathe together with the characters on screen or the crowd watching. You can easily change how the sounds mix with each other with the onboard controls and tailor the result to your specific needs.

Filter Movement Manipulation Pad

By allowing for the modulation of the filter cutoff frequency and resonance of each audio source independently, ultimate control over the timbre of each layer is now possible. This control over tonal dynamics massively increases possible sound outcomes for interesting and unique sound. When combined with the already impressive freedom of the ‘Source Movement’ Pad, the possibilities truly are infinite.

Edit Modulation Menu

Like “Trails” and “AMM” Aleatoric Rhythms has four LFO’s and four ADSR Envelopes with various Sound Source parameters to choose from. Whether you want control in your hands of how the sound moves and behaves or you want to be surprised by the Randomise function, these tools are there to add dynamic character to your sounds.

Nine Included Effects Units

The nine built-in effects can be used to further mix the sounds or add crazy flavours. Whether you want to thicken up the sound, add distortions or widen your sound, these effects are extremely useful tools at your service.

Edit Randomise Page

Randomisation can spark infinite ideas and get a new track started, so we made sure that the randomising engine changes parameters and values that make the most inspirational sense. The randomisation menu puts control in your hands, so you can choose what you would like to change on a sound.


System Requirements

MacOS :
Kontakt Version Required:
6.5.2 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)
Windows :
Kontakt Version Required:
6.5.2 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)