All You Need to Know About 3D Audio Sound Particles


All You Need to Know About 3D Audio

Immersive sound is the next big thing in audio. Cinema, TV, VR, AR, videogames, music, installations – everyone is moving to 3D Audio as a way to immerse audiences and improve their experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to catch the most relevant info on this topic! This eBook on 3D Audio by Sound Particles is packed with knowledge.

3D audio brings new concepts and some new/old technologies that professionals may not understand at first, with buzzwords such as 7.1.2, VBAP, 22.2, objects, beds, B-format, AmbiX, ACN, SN3D, HRTF, HRIR. This eBook, which is based on some talks that Sound Particles CEO Nuno Fonseca (PhD) has given in past AES conventions, summarizes the most relevant information on this topic.

What’s Inside?

In this comprehensive eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • Channel-based audio, from Stereo to 7.1 and everything in between
  • Object-based audio including beds and Dolby atmos
  • Ambisonics, ambisonics microphones and their VR applications
  • Binaural, binaural perception, HRTF and HRTF individualization

About the Author

Nuno Fonseca (PhD), is the founder and CEO of Sound Particles company, and was the creator of Sound Particles software, a 3D CGI-like audio software used in all major Hollywood studios in productions such as “Star Wars 9”, “Frozen II”, “Aquaman” or “Game of Thrones”. Former university professor (computer science and music technology areas), Nuno is the author of the Portuguese book “Introdução à Engenharia de Som” (Introduction to Sound Engineering), co-author of the Portuguese book “Desenvolvimento em iOS” (iOS Development), and author of more than 20 papers regarding audio research. He is a member of AES, SMPTE, CAS, MPSE, AMPS, and member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Technical Committee on “Audio for Cinema”.

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