Cello Textures – BEN OSTERHOUSE



  • Fantastic Kontakt scripting and interface
  • Large collection of presets
  • Beautiful cello samples
  • Easily create your own custom cello performances


  • None

Pathfinder Cello combines simple and organic live cello phrases with an innovative Kontakt Player interface allowing you to create highly customized cello performances quickly and easily. This is far from a canned set of static cello phrases – this might just be the most brilliant phrase engine I’ve yet used.

Pathfinder Cello is both a collection of beautifully played simple cello phrases and a blank canvas for creating unique cello performances. The samples are beautiful, but it’s the intuitive Kontakt interface that makes this instrument so wonderfully accessible. With 108 presets and the ability to easily create your own complex cello phrases, Pathfinder Cello is one of the most unique cello libraries I’ve yet experienced.


Ben Osterhouse creates some of the most unique and beautiful boutique string libraries out there. His recorded samples feel organic and alive and his Kontakt scripting and interfaces are creative and intuitive. Pathfinder Cello continues this tradition of excellence while also taking Ben’s Kontakt scripting and creativity to new heights. Pathfinder Cello combines simple rhythmic legato phrases with a Kontakt interface that allows you to stack and edit those phrases to create complex cello performances. Out of the box, Pathfinder Cello comes with 108 presets that quickly give you the ability to create beautiful oscillating sustains, fast arpeggios, and unique melodies.

However, the real fun is in the editing capabilities within the intuitive Kontakt interface. In edit mode, Pathfinder Cello becomes a blank canvas for creating tempo-synced cello performances. With the ability to half-time or double-time these phrases, Pathfinder Cello can easily match whatever bpm you throw at it. The fun extends across 8 lanes of mapping capabilities (or key switches) within the interface, allowing you to create completely unique performances for any combination of chords up to 8 notes. While editing, you can change the volume, thickness, and speed of the phrases, and trim the phrases to align with each other. The samples within Pathfinder Cello are beautifully recorded via close mic, but the onboard reverb allows you to easily create spacious cello performances. If you want to create unique cello performances that feel alive and organic, I highly recommend Pathfinder Cello. It just might be my favourite Ben Osterhouse library yet.


Pathfinder Cello is compatible with the free Kontakt Player. It includes 9,082 samples across 108 presets and downloads as 2.4 GB. The drag and drop interface allows you to create both simple and elaborate cello performances across 8 key switches.

Original Source: Sample Library Review.com



Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)


Kontakt Version Required:
5.8.1 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)