Indigisounds Trinidad Steelpans


Indigisounds Steelpan Samples was created in the Caribbean twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the Steelpan. This instrument is a quintessential symbol of West Indian creativity, and has become a medium for percussive expression globally. Indigisounds takes the power of the Steelpan sound a step further by bringing you the first ever sample library to capture the entire range of the conventional Steelpan and its performance criteria. Their team of professionals has carefully crafted these samples to mirror the sounds of pan yards across Trinidad and Tobago. At your fingertips is the potential to compose, arrange and produce the authentic sound of an entire Steel orchestra.




  • Allows for composing, arranging and producing at the convenience of your fingertips, using the creative vibe of the widest variety of authentic steelpan samples ever created (4GB)
  • Package includes the option to access velocity control (for single strikes – 5 velocity layers, and for rolls – 3 velocity layers), transposition, extended instrument ranges and ADSR envelope.
  • Bonus feature, sampled “engine room” instruments found in a typical steel orchestra.
  • Playback capability for music notation software and Digital Audio Workstations using KONTAKT PLAYER as a VST or AU plugin.
  • Samples were critiqued by steelpan tuners and users in Trinidad and Tobago, spiritual home of the steelpan.
  • Unlike the physical instrument, samples do not require periodic specialist re-tuning.…..The possibilities that Indigisounds offers to professional users are endless


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Product Testimonials

  • “…While playing, I am able to hear this authentic steelpan tone which gives me a vibe that allows me to create without any limits …. While there are great sounding samples for the violin and the piano…. these samples created, they are the real thing!” – Leston Paul, Master Arranger and Producer
  • “……too real!!” – Kenny Phillips, Producer
  • “I have been doing digital recording since the 80’s and always desired an authentic steelpan tone. While the closest things were generated from Roland and Yamaha, Indigisounds has provided that authentic feel from Tenor pan to the Bass.” – Earle Phillip, Co-inventor of the Percussive Harmonic Instrument
  • “The mapping of the samples are so real that I am even hearing the problems us tuners get when creating a note. They are so real and aurally pleasing that I was fooled when I first heard the product.” – Augustus Peters, Master Tuner.





  • Requires KONTAKT 5 PLAYER
  • Data included : 4GB