ISW Peak Rider 2


Product details :

ISW Peak Rider 2 smoothly detects the dynamics and frequencies of a sidechain signal (external or generated), using it to process the main input in one of 5 ways. From vocal riding to drum shaping, transient design, precision EQ and beyond, the creative possibilities are endless!

Peak Rider 2 is a supremely powerful dynamics plugin in VST, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats. Unlike any other kind of dynamics processor, Peak Rider 2 is like a whole arsenal of FX and mix plugins combined into one, with a totally new approach to handling any kind of audio material.

At its heart, Peak Rider 2 uses three detection modes to analyzes a sidechain signal and creates a smooth, continuous ‘envelope’ from it. This envelope can be split into stereo or frequency bands, EQed, and used to control your main input with 5 unique processing modes. The sidechain can be anything at all, and PR2 can even generate its own signal using a built-in synth.

Whether PR2 uses boost or attenuation totally depends on the sidechain and input material, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Here are just a few uses:

  • Make huge boosts and cuts without affecting volume or loudness
  • Use a drum track’s own envelope and adjust it, effectively becoming a very powerful multi-band transient designer
  • Match the peaks of a rhythmic track to a static synth, creating an all-new part full of life and motion
  • Level the volume of an unruly vocal by matching it to a set volume
  • Saturate and distort any instrument without losing any dynamics at all
  • Seamlessly remove mic bleed from a noisy isolated track

Features :

  • 5 processing modes including new EQ mode
  • Uses external, internal, or generated sidechain
  • Handy out-of-the-box presets
  • Zero-latency analysis with linear phase option
  • Three analysis & detection modes
  • Fine control over envelope shaping
  • Left/right and mid/side stereo processing


System Requirements :

  • 2GB RAM
  • Core i3 Processor
  • VST 2 and VST3 formats (32/64bit), Mac AU
  • Pro Tools AAX Format Windows/OSX (PT 10-12)
  • Pro Tools RTAS Format: Windows (PT 7-10)
  • Simple one-time serial number activation