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More than just reverb…

To convolve is to multiply one sound with another… sort of.

The most common, and very cool, use for convolution is for reverb. If you go to a place with a nice ambience, like your local church or your grandmother’s bathroom, and you record the echo from a short loud click, you can convolve any other sound with the resulting impulse response (IR) and it will sound as if you were magically playing it in that location.

But that’s not all you can do with Convolver. Because IRs are simply audio files, you can load any sample into Convolver to emulate anything from a simple guitar amp cabinet to freaky filters, distinctive delays, and much more. To give you an idea, we’ve included over 300 factory IRs for a range of unique effects. And some reverbs, of course.

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Convolver is a Snapin – which means you can use it as a regular plugin or within one of Kilohearts’ snapin hosts.

Kilohearts plugins work great together, and all the snapins can work double duty as modular components inside a snapin host. There are several different hosts that allow you to apply any number of snapins in various contexts, like to each individual band in the band-splitter Multipass, or add your full effects chain right inside the preset of the synth Phase Plant.


  • Start: Cuts the start of the impulse response.*
  • End: Cuts the end off the impulse response.*
  • Fade In: Fades in the start of the impulse response.*
  • Fade Out: Fades out the end of the impulse response.*
  • Stretch: Stretches the impulse response, adjusting both its length and pitch.
  • Reverse: Reverse the impulse response before processing
  • Select Sample: Convolver comes with a large library of Impulse Responses that should cover many of your basic needs. But you can import any samples you want.
  • Delay: Set the pre-delay time in milliseconds or as a fraction of the song tempo.
  • Tone: Adjusts the brightness of processed output.
  • Feedback: Feeds the processed output back into the convolution engine.
  • Mix: The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through.


 *Requires precomputation before the effect can be heard. Cannot be modulated.

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System Requirements

CPU: 2 GHz or faster
Memory: 1 GB or more
Operating system: Windows or MacOS

Note that we only support OS versions supported by their respective manufacturers. If you’re using an outdated OS version please try our free trials to ensure compatibility before making any purchases.

Available plugin formats (64-bit only): VST 2.4 / VST 3 / Audio Unit / AAX