Kilohearts Slice EQ


Slice EQ - Main ImageCut, or enhance, frequencies with surgical precision using Slice EQ. And modulate your filters for some really cool effects. Slice EQ is an advanced parametric equalizer, with great modulation potential, especially when combined with Snap Heap. Slice EQ offers you everything you need to create mathematically perfect filter combinations to get your music exactly where you want it to go.

Perfect sound: Slice EQ won’t let anyone down soundwise. Using top of the line, digitally clean filters, it will give you a crisp result every time.

Workspace layout: With a recognizable workspace layout the Slice EQs user interface makes sure you will quickly find your way to all the features.

Really fast!: All Kilohearts plugins get the job done quickly. That way you can stack them high without worrying about performance issues.

Download & install: Once your purchase has gone through you will get an email with installation instructions. With our custom installer, it couldn’t be easier.

Size does matter: The Slice EQ workspace is freely resizable and you can set the UI scale to match your preference. This can be very handy at times.

Snapin compatible: Slice EQ works with our excellent Snapin hosts. Check out Snap Heap for instance.

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System Requirements:

These are the minimum recommended system requirements for running Carve EQ.


  • 2 GHz or faster


  • 1 GB or more

Operating System:

  • Windows (7 or newer) or Mac OS X (10.7 or newer)


  • A VST / Audio Unit / AAX compatible DAW

Supported formats:

  • AAX
  • AU
  • VST2
  • Snapin

Please note: If you use many instances of Slice EQ at the same time in your song the CPU usage will increase accordingly. Thus, we cannot guarantee that the Slice EQ will work flawlessly in all use cases even if your system does meet the minimum recommended system requirements.