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Broaden your soundstage

StageOne gives you unparalleled control over aspects of your stereo field, either to widen stereo audio, add perceived depth, or even give mono signals a stereo image so they fit better in the mix. You can adjust width, depth, and mono spread without phase or mono-compatibility problems; all thanks to a unique algorithm that produces clean results every time.

Between a wide range of applications and an intuitive interface to get your sound faster, StageOne offers better results than traditional techniques. This attention to detail lets you bring depth to and compatibility between disparate audio sources, in a way you can trust.

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Widen stereo audio

Widen how listeners perceive off-center content and give your stereo audio a richer panorama of sound. You can rely on this unique algorithm in a wider range of applications than traditional solutions as it leaves the phantom center untouched.

Leapwing StageOne pluginsmasters

Add the perception of depth

Get a natural sense of ambience and draw attention to or from parts of your mix. Directionally optimized reflections can psycho-acoustically adjust the position of audio within a sound field until you feel everything is in place

Leapwing StageOne pluginsmasters

Add rich stereo to a mono source

Create a stereo panorama and take mono audio into a stereo field. Balance mono and stereo elements within a mix without sacrificing mono compatibility

Leapwing StageOne pluginsmasters


What does StageOne do that other plugins don’t?

Add width to your stereo image

StageOne has an original technique to widen listeners’ perception of off-center signal without altering phantom center content. This unique approach doesn’t suffer from phase problems and remains mono-compatible, unlike traditional plugins. The clarity it offers lets you trust it when you need it, and apply it on a wider range of sources than traditional techniques.

Add the perception of depth

The unique depth algorithm adds directionally optimized sound reflections that blend naturally into your signal, adding ambience and the perception of depth. Simply adjust the slider to add character to any sound that you feel is too close, flat or two-dimensional.

Widen mono audio

An exceptional filter turns mono audio into a stereo image, creating binaural width from a source that lacked it. As with the other features of StageOne, the results retain phase and mono compatibility because sound quality and reliability are always first. Widen mono audio for a subtle but more engaging sound, or to fit better into the stereo spread of an existing mix.


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64-bit plugins in VST, VST3, AAX, and AU formats.

For macOS (10.10 and higher) and Windows 8 and 10.

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