Pro Audio Exp FL Studio 20 Video Training Course


Pro Audio Exp FL Studio 20 Video Training Course

Learning how to record and produce professional sounding tracks in FL Studio has never been easier thanks to the FL Studio 20 Video Tutorial.’s David Wills spends over 2 hours walking you through every feature of FL Studio’s workflow from setting up your software to work with your audio interface and MIDI controllers to creating radio-ready mixes and everything in between. DAWs 101 is a module in the training that uses easy to understand animations to teach you how a DAW works and how to use subgroups, EQ, Compression, Effects, Automation…everything you’ll need to know so you can produce incredibly professional sounding tracks in FL Studio.

If you have been getting frustrated trying to learn FL Studio from just using the massive online manual, then sit down, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and look over the shoulder of a professional audio engineer with 30 years in the business putting FL Studio through its paces.


  • Master everything there is to know about FL STudio 20 with this comprehensive course
  • Covering every aspect of FL Studio including tips and tricks to improve your workflow
  • Lessons led by industry professional David Wills
  • Life-long access to content with no subscription fees or further purchases needed
  • Perfect for beginners or those looking to expand their knowledge
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