Tension Drums – UNEARTHED SMPL.


Tension Filled Metallic Hits

Tension Drums contains three action-packed, tension-filled metallic percussion Kontakt instruments.

Sampled from various machine parts, metallic objects, tools and old mining equipment in a great recording environment these sounds are crisp and sharp and perfect for horror and tension filled hits and atmospheres.

Kit 1

Don’t be fooled by the small size… this library sounds HUGE!

Once upon a time, the area near Ennis Montana was ripe with copper and silver mining sites. These areas have since dried up leaving behind tons of old mining tools and equipment. Long derelict and out of commission, Loot Audio decided to bang on a handful of these pieces of mining history turning them into an action packed, tension filled, or horrific metallic percussion Kontakt instrument.

Make no mistake, these are highly unique samples!

The GUI is extremely versatile and can drastically alter the sound and timbre of this instrument! Thanks to the pitch knob, it can sound downright huge or extremely small in size. Also available on the GUI are EQ (with low, mid, and hi control knobs), a LPF (also mapped to the modwheel), a grit knob to add distortion, a reverb knob to control the amount of reverb, and lastly an attack knob to control the attack of the samples.

7 Kontakt instruments total… all oozing with cinematic awesomeness!

Kit 2

Kit 2 of the Derelict Collection is an extension to Kit 1 and features a fresh selection of unique metallic hits and effects.

Kit 3

Tension Hits 2 focuses on loud and epic impacts. All of these impacts come from unconventional sources such as chairs, tubes, stage hits, doors, sticks, metal shelves, and candelabras. They even recorded ensemble stomps on the stage which sound HUGE and epic!

Tension Hits 2 is a wealth of instant inspiration stemming from unconventional percussion sources. There are no loops or phrases here, these are all multisampled recordings meticulously recorded via a very nice matched pair mic set.

Speaking of recording.. these were all recorded in a large old hall built in the late 1800s so they all have a very cool air about them. All of the patches (save for one of the two stomps patches) feature 4 X RR.

The GUI features some easily tweakable controls to really change the sound of each of the patches. These tweaks include Attack, Release, Lo, Mid, and Hi gain knobs, and the indispensable pitch knob. The toggleable covolution reverb makes these sound HUGE and they even included 13 easily selectable impulse responses.


System Requirements for Tension Drums – UNEARTHED SMPL.

  • Full Kontakt 5.3.1 and above

Important Note: Full version of NI Kontakt 5.3.1 and above is required.

Please Note: This product requires the full version of Kontakt. It will not work with the free version of Kontakt Player.