The Bosque Piano – UNEARTHED SMPL.


Longs, Shorts, Phrases, and Accents

The Bosque Piano is a very old upright piano that was discovered in a 100 year old college auditorium found in Bosque County Texas. Both the space itself and the piano had such amazing tones it was just begging to be sampled, so Loot Audio did.

This library contains multisampled longs, multisampled shorts (hard and soft) and a slew of cinematic phrases and accents which ooze scores from the late 1960s and 1970s by composers such as Jerry Goldsmith and David Shire.

To keep things as lightweight as possible within your DAW the instrument has a very small footprint and only contains the four patches listed above to keep things as user friendly, useable, instantly inspiring, and simple as possible.

Core Controls

The GUI has controls for EQ, an added long reverb, a nice delay, as well as attack and release controls so you can make the sound what you need or want it to be.

Loot Audio know there are loads of pianos out there, but sought out to create something that is not only competitive in sound with the others out there, but also something unique which sounds cinematic out of the box, has tweakability, and is as cost effective as possible for those of you on a budget.

A piano doesn’t need to have millions of samples to sound cinematic, it just needs to have its own personality and a nice hall to record in.

Unique Tone

As The Bosque Piano was recorded within the hall it resides with a pair of high quality stereo mics from the middle of the room it has a very unique tone.

The reverb is burned into the samples to give it a sense of space so there are no dry samples here and this library is geared towards scoring games and films.

The phrase patch harkens back to a time when the piano was used within film scores in a much more avante garde / John Cage fashion so they have a unique vibe not found anywhere else.


System Requirements

  • Full Kontakt 5.6.8 and above

Important Note: Full version of NI Kontakt 5.6.8 and above is required.

Please Note: This product requires the full version of Kontakt. It will not work with the free version of Kontakt Player.