The last haven Reticle: Total Sync


Reticle: Total Sync includes 3 parts for building rhythmic content: Drum Pulses, Tonal Pulses and Plucks. In these instruments you can discover modern drum and percussive loops, tonal pulses and ready-to-arp short instruments. Everything in this library follows the tempo of your DAW. With its inspirational randomizing function you will instantly get a new element for the composition.

Reticle: Total Sync features a clean and intuitive yet advanced interface. You can easily browse through individual loops and samples, and all sound elements are displayed in waveform windows. The interface contains a dual FX system which includes filters, delays, equalizer, distortion and lo-fi, rotator and reverb. Many of these effects can be automated with internal flexible step-sequencers that sync to the tempo of your DAW.

The last haven Reticle: Total Sync pluginsmasters
The last haven Reticle: Total Sync pluginsmasters


Reticle: Total Sync is focused around the beat. This sample library is a collection of tempo-synced material to add extra pulse and rhythm to your composition.

  • 3000+ samples
  • 790 MB
  • tempo-syncing to DAW
  • drum loops, tonal pulses and arpeggiated plucks
  • requires full Kontakt 5.8.0+


System Requirements for The last haven Reticle: Total Sync from Loot Audio

Kontakt Version Required:
5.8 Full Version (Not for Kontakt Player)
Product Version: 1

Kontakt pluginsmasters
Kontakt pluginsmasters