Visionary Cinematic Library

Trails is a huge custom made collection of intense, dark and sometimes beautiful trailer sound effects, featuring the expert sound design skills of Ergo Kukke.

Trails contains thousands of brand new designed sounds, from processed atmospherics and synthetic-based haunting risers, to fully host-synchronized patterns and pulses, to dark and dangerous impacts and boomers.

Each of the 5 carefully categorized banks contains a massive selection of expertly designed sounds, selected to both enhance existing pieces as well as to inspire brand new tracks.

Trails includes an innovative Motion User Interface with a variety of useful controls, including a full suit of effects, 4 Voice Playback, Sample Start Offset Control and Full Randomization – all accessible from the main interface. You can also go much deeper and control everything from Filters, a 3 Band EQ, Stereo Delay, Bit Crusher, Distortion, Convolution Reverb and of course Divergent Audio Group’s powerful automated Motion XY pad.

Trails sets a new benchmark with the most modern, creative, impactful and atmospheric cinematic collection of sounds available today.

Trails contains hundreds of snapshot presets. Each preset has been built from the ground up to function as its own performance. For example, in the Atmos category you can hold down a key and the sounds will continue and evolve indefinitely, dial in the Motion XY pad control and apply your own automation to make the sound even more dynamic and ever-changing.

Built from the ground up, this collection of instruments offers you all the necessary tools to perfect the art and workflow of creating truly epic cinematic scores. Divergent Audio made sure to include all the sound categories any composer or sound designer would need, such as a wealth of Deep Impacts and Hits, futuristic Effects and Mechanical Sounds, Risers, rich and evolving Drones and various tempo-based Rhythms to help inspire and add energy and drive into your next composition.

The advanced features included in the library are all easily accessible through the custom user-interface. Quickly adjust or automate the Attack, Release, Speed and or Filter of your chosen set of sounds, letting them perfectly fit within your track.

Trails contains everything you need to create your next cinematic masterpiece.

Main Page

  • 4 Voices.
  • Each Voice has independent sub-pages for Source, Envelopes, Filter and EQ.
  • Source Sub-page: Volume, Tuning, Pan, Stereo Width.
  • Envelop Sub-page: Attack, Sustain, Delay, Release.
  • Filter Sub-page: Cutoff, Resonance, Type (LP2, LP4, BP2, BP4, HP2, HP4, Phaser, Notch, Formant, Vowel), Drive.
  • EQ Sub-page: 3 Band EQ with Freg and Gain per band.
  • Velocity Sensitivity Control per Voice.
  • Sample Start Offset Control per Voice.

Modulation Page

  • 4 LFOs – 7 Destination per LFO.
  • 4 Envelopes- 7 Destination per Envelope.

FX Page

  • Chorus (Speed, Depth, Wet).
  • Distortion (Drive, Damping).
  • Lo-Fi (Sample rate, Bit Crush).
  • Delay (Rate, Length, Pan, Wet).
  • Filter (Cutoff, Resonance, Type [LP2, LP4, BP2, BP4, HP2, HP4, Phaser, Notch, Formant, Vowel].
  • Spatial (Width, Pan).
  • Convolution Reverb (16 selectable impulse responses) Controls for Pre-delay, Low Pass, Hi Pass, Length, Dry and Wet.

Movement Page

  • Build your own transitions using the highly flexible XY Movement Page.
  • Set the Horizontal and Vertical speed, depth and smoothness. Sync with your DAW or leave unsynced. Retrigger mode re-starts the movement each time a new key is pressed.
  • Circular Mode cannot be active at the same time as Horizontal or Vertical. Clockwise or Anti-clockwise directions can be chosen.
  • Use the smoothness control to make the transition between point smooth or instant (or anywhere in between). Eg, setting the smoothness control to its minimal value will cause it to jump from point a to point B instantly (created quick rhythmic effects).


  • Atmos Category: contains 396 selectable voices.
  • FX Category: contains 392 selectable voices.
  • Oneshots Category: contains 289 selectable voices.
  • Rhythmic Category: contains 217 selectable voices.
  • Menus Category: contains 11 selectable voices (each voice has samples mapped to individual keys giving you a total of 561 unique samples to use). ‘Menus’ is a little different from the other categories. ‘Menus’ allows you to access sounds derived from 11 sub-categories with sounds mapped across individual keys. This allows you to find just the right sound quickly without having to navigate through all 516 included samples.


  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX.
  • 2239 Hand-crafted Samples.
  • 276 Snapshots. Each snapshot is a custom performance.
  • All new banks of epic cinematic sounds are split into 5 categories: Atmospheres | FX | Menus | Oneshots | Rhythmic.
  • Waveform Viewer.
  • Each Voice is fully editable.
  • Take the audience on a journey with intense ever-evolving atmospheres and effects.
  • Fully Tempo synchronized Rhythms categories.
  • The product is only available as a Direct Download.
  • Unique Selectable animations.
  • Fully Automatable.
  • Movement control for XY Pad.


System Requirements

Important Notes:

  • The FULL Version of Kontakt 5.8.1+ is required in order to use this instrument.
  • You will be stuck in DEMO MODE if trying to use this instrument in the FREE Kontakt Player.