Ujam Upgrade – Virtual Drummers Bundle 2


Note: If you already own the Virtual Drummer 1 Bundle you can Upgrade to Virtual Drummer 2.

Authentic Pro Drums

The Fastest Way to Add Kick-Ass Custom Drumming to your Production

Add Custom Drums to your Music Production

Recording great-sounding drum tracks has always been an art form. The final result is subject to many different variables that can be expensive and difficult to combine effectively, such as the skill of the drummer, the microphone choice and placement, the room acoustics, the choice of drum hardware, what preamps and compressor to use – the list is endless. What if there was an easier way to get studio-quality drum performances in your tracks without all that fuss and expense?

What You Get

  • 6 Drummers
  • 30 Drum Kits
  • 271 Styles
  • 6251 Phrases
  • 785 Presets
  • 30 Mix Presets

MIDI Drag & Drop

  • Export patterns to your DAW

Drum Kit

  • Five distinctive drum kits to choose from, all carefully crafted to fit from groovy into heavy drum tracks

Mix Section

  • Six mix presets to complete your sound, all put together by professional sound designers

Smart Mixing

  • Failproof and individual mixing options with Sound Shaping Controls, Multiple Audio Outputs and Master Section

Unique Personalities

All Styles in One Series

Each individual Virtual Drummer embodies a unique custom playing style sound and personality. HOT provides real drum performances with punchy drum machine-like processing for more lively and energizing drum grooves. BRUTE is a modern rock, grunge, punk, and cross-over style drummer, DEEP is made for contemporary drums with a 60s & 70s vibe, SOLID is your all-around reliable session pro suitable for most popular styles, HEAVY delivers hard and straight rock beats while PHAT gives you urban and funky grooves.

A Producer’s Playground

Professional Drum Performances – In A Snap!

Introducing the Virtual Drummer series from ujam – a collection of virtual instrument plug-ins designed to take the hassle out of getting great-sounding, kick-ass drum tracks for your productions. No drumsticks or tedious programming required!


Always On Time

UJAM specializes in making ’frustration-free’ software that solves problems for all music production skill levels with the Virtual Drummer series being no exception. Professionals will appreciate and benefit from the time saved in getting the high-quality results they demand whilst beginners now have easy access to their own personal studio drumming companion that always sounds great and is on time!

High-End Performance

Realism and Subtle Playing Variety like a Real Drummer

All Virtual Drummers come with five extensively sampled drum kits, ready-made smart-mix presets, and a wide range of styles and performances that can be tweaked to perfectly match your desired feel and groove.

The Drums on the Radio

Fire Drums for Famous Hits

Straight Up Gold

When it comes to popular music, the standards are quite high. World-class recording engineers track the most talented drummers in the shiniest of studios. Yet today’s top charts all have two things in common: infectious drum grooves and punchy drums, processed to perfection.


  • 30 Styles, 690 playable Phrases and 100+ Global Presets
  • 5 Drum Kits, 6 Mix Presets, 6 Reverb Modes
  • MIDI Drag & Drop, Resizable User Interface
  • Special ‘Juice’ FX Control

For Rock, Grunge, Punk, and Cross-Over Styles | From the Nineties to Noughties

Contemporary hard-and-heavy music genres are driven by a very specific drumming style: loud, wild, edgy and cutting through the mix. Both drum sounds and playing are rooted in aesthetics invented about two decades ago. Virtual Drummer BRUTE features the essential sounds and styles from Grunge to NuMetal.


  • 5 Drum Kits
  • 6 Mix Presets
  • 31 Styles with 23 ready-made phrases each, for a total of 713 phrases.
  • Smack – Make your drums stand out! Smack adds purpose-recorded and processed mic signals that focus attacks and transients while retaining the warm, organic qualities of the kit.
  • Grit – Crossfades between two sets of mics: basically from nice and clean to dirty and mean.
  • Made for you and your stupid mom! – Fight for your right to keep rocking! Try BRUTE 30 days for free before buying.

These beats run deep. If that’s a quality you’re looking to elicit in your music, Virtual Drummer is here to help. And we mean deep as in soulful, deep as in complex and intricate.

Deepness is a measure of emotions. DEEP is UJAM’s most spirited drummer, standing on the shoulders of traditional genres like Soul and Funk, with its gaze firmly set on contemporary styles and timeless future classics.


  • 30 styles with 690 drum patterns
  • 70 sound designer presets
  • 5 drum kits, 6 mix presets
  • Drag-and-drop phrases to DAW for detailed note editing
  • Retro morph control called “Grit”

Virtual Drummer PHAT is a slick and funky Hip-hop operator, producing grooves, fills and breaks straight from the street! Ready at any time to quickly lay down entire beats and rhythms that will make your body move and keep the MC nodding their head. Perfect for grooving, funky and urban styles, PHAT is the perfect studio companion for music producers of all skill levels.


  • A virtual Hip Hop drummer that follows your direction.
  • Build your own drum kits with kit editing options.
  • New Master Section with saturation and maximizer.
  • Fresh improved look – easy on eyes and brain.
  • 200 presets, 60 musical styles with 1380 different patterns.

Virtual Drummer SOLID is your personal gold-standard session drummer, the backline bandmate we all dream of having – dependable, reliable and comfortable playing all popular styles and moods with ease. Build your tracks on the strongest foundations with Virtual Drummer SOLID and fully realize and finish your rhythmical arrangements in record time. The versatile sound and intuitive & accessible controls mean that SOLID is truly suited to any level of music production skill. Novices can get instant access to many popular musical styles and rhythmical phrases without a steep learning curve whilst more experienced musicians and producers will delight at being able to get such great sounding results so quickly.


  • A virtual gold-standard drummer that follows your direction.
  • Build your own drum kits with kit editing options.
  • New Master Section with saturation and maximizer.
  • Fresh improved look – easy on eyes and brain.
  • 200 presets and 60 musical styles with 1380 different patterns.

Virtual Drummer HEAVY is an authoritative, hard-hitting rock drummer, permanently set to beast mode! Always delivering what its name promises, HEAVY punishes the drums with relentless weight and energy behind each hit, driving your tracks forward and providing the perfect basis for all manner of rock, indie and grunge styles.


  • A virtual rock drummer with real drum performances.
  • Build your own drum kits with kit editing options.
  • New Master Section with saturation and maximizer.
  • Fresh improved look – easy on eyes and brain.
  • 200 presets and 60 musical styles with 1380 different patterns.



System Requirements for Upgrade – Virtual Drummers Bundle 2

Operating Systems

  • macOS 10.15 or later (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon supported) (64-bit only)
  • Windows 10 or later (64-bit only)
  • You may run them on earlier versions but ujam doesn’t support them.

Minimum Requirements

  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 1280 x 768 px Display
  • An internet connection is required for download and authorisation.

Plugin Formats

  • VST3, VST2, AU 2 and AAX
  • AU 2 version is only compatible with Logic Pro X and newer.

Supported Standards

  • MIDI

Additional Information

  • Comes as downloadable installer files.
  • Authorize by email address and password for ujam.com within the plugin.
  • If you want to move your .blob files to an external drive, ujam recommends the use of an SSD to prevent dropouts.

Delivery Format

  • Downloadable Installer File


  • Quick authorization via the UJAM App
  • Or enter your email and password within the plugin