Vektor Essentials – NOVA


Vektor Essentials Vol 1: Unique Strings is a distinctive and characterful selection of string samples that tell a story. Recorded and programmed to specifically add character to any track.

Based around the top selling and highly rated Vektor, Vektor Essentials Vol 1: Unique Strings takes the most characterful string patches from Vektor and puts them in a smaller and simpler package. Allowing the user to focus less on sonic exploration and more on composing. But still giving the user a wide range of control over there sound.

Vektor Essentials also provides you with a bonus 24 manipulated string patches from Cinematic Drones to Pulsating Pads, programmed and recorded specifically for Vektor Essentials.

The Interface

The user interface for Vektor Essentials Vol.1 is simple to use and contains all of the controls on one screen for easy access.

Basic controls include:

  • Sound
  • ADSR
  • EQ
  • Filter
  • Delay
  • Reverb
  • Modulation
  • Effects

The Sounds

Vektor Essentials features three main instrument categories, each boasting their own distinct sound. These three categories are as follows:

  • Manipulated
  • Multis
  • Organic


Manipulated instruments are made up of string samples that have been processed through a variety of effects modules, creating a unique, dramatic, and cinematic sound. Importantly, the parameters of each instrument have been painstakingly fine-tuned to produce the most characterful result.


Multis will load in several instances of Vektor Essentials, each featuring different sounds and parameter values. This generates a huge, layered sound that’s ideal for creating vast, epic-sounding compositions.


The Organic collection houses the rawest stringed-instrument sounds, this doesn’t mean they’re any less capable or exciting than the other two categories, however. These highly-adaptable instruments can help give your music a powerful, natural quality.

  • 10 organic sounds from The famous “Moanful Cello” patch to newly programmed “String Toolkit” patches
  • 24 new bonus manipulated organic patches
  • Over 1GB of beautifully crafted string samples
  • 8 Multi Patches



System Requirements

  • Full Kontakt 6.5.3 or above

Important Note: Full version of NI Kontakt 6.5.3 and above is required. Will not function with the free NI Kontakt Player.