Waves Grand Masters Collection


Pro Mastering Tools:Precise. Surgical. Musical.

From the character of tubes and transformers used in hallowed vintage gear, to the clarity and performance that exists only in the digital domain, Grand Masters covers every facet of traditional mastering—and includes innovative options that let you add your own signature touch.

Whether you master hip or hop or modern country, classical string quartets, electronic music, or rock, Grand Masters enhances your masters—from subtle to surgical—with best-in-class sound quality that always sounds musical.

  • Ultra-transparent linear-phase EQ and multiband compression
  • V-series compressor and EQs for the best of vintage gear
  • Spot-on emulations of Pultec’s famed mastering processors
  • Includes Dorrough’s essential diagnostic metering
  • Multiple Maximizers for clarity, power and precise dynamic control
  • Shape low frequencies and center channel for mastering vinyl

    Your Partner for Creative, Inspired Mastering

    • Transparency is Paramount

      For the cleanest highs, and a design that eliminates smearing from phase issues, the Linear Phase EQ and Multiband Compressor deliver the most transparent processing available with any technology.

      Features: Glue Mixes without “Squashing”
    • Processing for Power and Clarity

      For total control over dynamics, 7 plugins cover every flavor of maximizing—from the broadcast-oriented MaxxVolume, to the industry-standard L2 and L3 Maximizers, to the breakthrough 16-band L3-16 Multimaximizer.

    • EQ with Character

      Mastering isn’t always about transparency, but character—detailed body, high-end sparkle, and subtle tube saturation. For that classic sound, the VEQ3 and VEQ4 model the 1066, 1073 and 1081 mic pres and EQ. V-Comp models the thick, rich sound of the 2254 bus processor’s three audio transformers.

      Features: Fast and Efficient Operation
    • More than Just a Pultec

      Pultec EQs remain the go-to mastering choice for musical, sweet tone-shaping. The PuigTec EQs model Jack Joseph Puig’s personal, expertly maintained, hand-selected Pultec EQs with can’t-tell-the-difference accuracy.

      Features: From Vocals to “The Ringo Drum Sound”
    • Enhance Your Imaging

      Widen a mix without artifacts. Boost the center for vinyl. Enhance or tame overhead drum mics. In post-production, focus dialog capture with stereo mics. Center gives full control over the center/side balance.

      Features: Multiple Modes Fit Different Material
    • Advanced Metering: Your Reality Check

      The Dorrough Meter Collection provides the insights you need about your audio—peak and average metering, phase correlation, sum and difference, overs, independent left/right channel display, peak hold, and more.

      Features: Precision Modeled Transformers
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