Waves Kaleidoscopes


Kaleidoscopes combines classic modulation pedals—phaser, flanger, tremolo, and chorus—into a multi-FX playground. Create new production effects by combining the plugin’s two modulation engines. Use dynamic triggering to have the effects react to your live playing in real time.

Chop synth rhythms with tremolos. Change mod rates with guitar strums. Trigger sweeps from drums. Creatively combine effects in series or parallel—and add Kaleidoscopes’ ever-changing shapes and colors to your tracks.

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Requirements for Waves Kaleidoscopes.

For Mac : 

  • Version: macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
  • RAM: 8
  • Disk: 16

For Windows : 

  • Version: Windows 10 64 bit Windows 11
  • RAM: 8
  • Disk: 16