Waves Mercury


Over 195 plugins for Music ProductionMixing, Sound Design, and Mastering

Waves Mercury is the audio industry’s most comprehensive bundle, covering an incredible breadth of mixing, production, and mastering needs.

Popular vocal plugins, including Waves Tune Real-Time, Waves Tune, Waves Harmony, Vocal Rider, Vocal Bender, R-Vox, and the groundbreaking Clarity Vx for vocal noise reduction. Analog models, including CLA-2A, CLA-76, all API plugins, CLA MixHub, Scheps Omni, Kramer Tape, BB Tubes, PuigTec EQs and much more. The popular F6 dynamic EQ and the classic C6 multiband compressor. All Renaissance plugins, all L-series plugins for mastering, all H-series plugins, plus dozens of additional music production effects, specialty mixing plugins, mastering plugins, and more.

With its staggering wealth and breadth, Mercury is the largest, most diverse bundle of plugins for music production, mixing, mastering, sound design, and beyond.

Mercury also includes the Waves Stream service for remote audio collaboration ($88.88 annual value), as long as your Mercury bundle has current Waves Update Plan coverage. (The Waves Update Plan is included free with your bundle during the first year after purchase, renewable afterwards).

  • Over 195 plugins: Waves’ largest bundle sold as a perpetual license
  • Vocal plugins, compressors, EQs, reverbs, delays, analog models, and much more
  • Plugins for every audio need: mixing, production, mastering, restoration, sound design
  • The professional audio industry’s largest, most comprehensive package of plugins for decades
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  • Version: macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
  • CPU: Intel or Silicon Architecture
  • RAM: 8
  • Disk: 16

  • Version: Windows 10 64 bit Windows 11
  • CPU: X64 compatible Intel or AMD CPU
  • RAM: 8
  • Disk: 16