Waves CLA MixHub

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Mixing on a big analog console is magical. Now, CLA MixHub brings the rich sound of mix legend Chris Lord-Alge’s (Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day) custom 4400-series console channel strips—into your DAW.

You get not just CLA’s console sound, you also get his console workflow: Now you can mix groups of 8 channels—all in the same plugin window, like on a physical console. You can tweak the EQ and dynamics of multiple tracks in your session, quickly, in full musical context of each other: that’s the power of CLA MixHub.

  • Models every nuance of CLA’s personal console channels strips
  • Mix 64 channels from a single plugin interface, in 8 ‘buckets’ of 8
  • Expandable Input, Dynamics, EQ, Output modules per channel
  • Flip anytime between bucket view and single-channel view
  • Freely switch the chain order in each channel
  • Input section models the line amp in Chris’s console
  • Extra insert per channel: Add any Waves plugin to each channel’s chain
  • Dynamics includes sidechaining, plus CLA’s ‘super-gate’ and 1176 Bluey
  • Includes CLA MixHub Lite for light CPU consumption
  • Over 240 presets by CLA plus Dave Pensado, Greg Wells, more


  • Version: macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13, Sonoma 14
  • CPU: Intel or Silicon Architecture
  • RAM: 8
  • Disk: 16
  • Version: Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 11
  • CPU: X64 compatible Intel or AMD CPU
  • RAM: 8
  • Disk: 16