Premier Engineering Drum Tree


Pre-mixed, pre-mastered, and good to go

Bring expert drum engineering into your sound


pluginsmasters Drum Tree

Never worry about your EQ and compression settings again, just enjoy the same quality of drum sound you hear on your favourite albums.

Drum Tree brings the Japanese reputation for craftmanship and precision to the world of virtual instruments. It’s the flagship drum library from PREMIER SOUND FACTORY® and was created by veteran sound engineer, So Ichiro, using skills from a 20-year career. All the knowledge of what makes a hit drum sound, packed into easy-to-use virtual drum kits and at your fingertips.

– Best-in-class performance

– Performed by expert drummers

– Recorded at Studio Dede in Tokyo and mastered at PREMIER Mastering Studio

– 96kHz/24-bit audio

– Simple, colourful interface

– Works with the free version of Kontakt

Inspired by legends

Choose your drumming by style, not by brand

Drum Tree is organised according to drumming style and features kits organised to suit over 26 different genres. Under the interface’s tree branches you’ll find three categories. ‘Greatest hits’ with rock, pop and soul kits, ‘Historic jazz’ with kits from big band to 60s jazz, and ‘Contemporary jazz’ with kits for modern and hip-hop jazz. The tree interface lets you quickly select between different styles, so you don’t need to know your hero’s favourite snare to get their sound.

Drum Tree gives you access to a wide collection of rare drum kits, recorded with carefully chosen microphones. The library features a huge collection of options, including 41 varieties of snare and 67 types of cymbal. There’s a total of 185 different instruments to choose from with over 8,000 samples. That’s 17GB of first-class audio, played by first-class musicians and mixed by a first-class engineer. Getting the right sound for style and genre are only a few clicks away.

pluginsmasters dedemics
We all have heroes and, by sparing no production expense, they wanted to capture legendary style and sound with the utmost respect. They wanted you to load Drum Tree and hear the techniques and atmosphere of songs we all know and love.
Drum Tree is a 96khz 24-bit library which means it’s presented to you in incredible clarity. It can also be used in 44.1kHz or 48kHz, depending on the needs of your project. We recommend 96kHz to maintain its original quality.
pluginsmasters premier_studio800

Mastered at PREMIER Mastering Studio, located on the beautiful beachside south of Tokyo. Let the sun shine inspiration down on you, as you devote yourself to the music.

PREMIER Mastering Studio has been the studio of choice for Sony, Universal, and Warner as well as Yamaha, Honda, and Konami.


Drum Tree was recorded by a dedicated sound engineer with over 20 years’ experience, using hand-picked analogue gear. This means you can rely on the library in confidence without the need for additional plugins.
pluginsmasters Lavry Gold AD122-96
He mixed classic recording methods with the best of modern digital. 0 the idiosyncratic sounds of classic recordings and present them using the newest and best equipment. He used multiple Lavry AD122-96 for recording and mastering.
pluginsmasters Western Electric Tubes
He added his own secrets. For example, He added a sweet and smooth flavour to some vintage kits with an original custom box of Western Electric tubes. It’s one of his favourite pieces of gear and a key to that saturated analogue sound.
pluginsmasters Cymbal on Snare
He wanted to include options for every style. For example, he included recordings not only of simple snares but also plenty of brush work. Snares, cymbals and tambourines are available with multiple effects and unusual striking techniques.

Simple, easy, fast

Drum Tree is made from the ground up to help you produce rich sounds, full of human expression without complicated midi input

Sustain pedal kick mode

Sustain pedal kick mode allows you to hit kicks at 100 velocity (C1) with a midi piano pedal, to give a sense of performance like a drummer.

A comprehensive round robin cycle

Each key has numerous sample layers (up to 54). Every assigned key has 2 cycle round robins alternating between right and left hand. Human perception is incredibly sensitive to repetition and this level of detail means it would be very difficult for even a seasoned engineer to listen to your track and know your drum sound was not a live performance.

Humanising option

The velocity randomiser works intelligently with up to 8 round robins to humanise your drum patterns. This means the kick and snare will not sound robotically repeated even if your midi has a section of repeated 100-velocity notes. This is important because no-one is perfect and those small imperfections make a performance seem like a live session.


Roll activation switch

Using a midi piano’s ‘soft’ or ‘una corda’ pedal lets you to hold a sextuplet note. Sextuplet notes and 32nd note rolls can also be achieved through A0 and B0 key switches.

This lets you get creative, and easily do snare ghost notes, cymbal rolls and double kicks which can be difficult manually.

Tempo, accent, and swing are all adjustable. The library will synchronise to the tempo of your host if used in a DAW.

Check your configuration easily with demo mode

The MIDI demo feature lets you hear the real-time difference as you edit your drum kit. You can also create your own personalised midi presets to use as demos by simply putting them in the ‘patterns’ folder.

The cymbal mute option

Mute all cymbals at the same time with the G0 key to easily listen to parts of your drum track in isolation.


Create your own original kit

Learn from the past and craft the future



Save and load your own kit with Kontakt’s snapshot feature.


pluginsmasters Drum Tree Mixer

Automation and midi control are available by right clicking knobs.

The tree symbol of their library represents the past, present and future. Their product incorporates the history of music culture, not to mimic the past but to let it inspire the next generation. This is why there is so much freedom to edit in Drum Tree.

  • Adjust the output, level, pan, gate, tuning, and low-cut features of each element in the specialised Drum Tree mixer.
  • Swap snare, hat, cymbals, and kits in and out freely. You’re welcome to try any crazy combination! Set up to 4 cymbals at the same time.
  • Control real room ambience from Studio Dede in Japan. They recorded 2 impulse responses from custom built rooms at Studio Dede so you can feel as if you were there in person.



Drum Tree – Specification

Instrument type: KONTAKT Instrument
For use with: FREE KONTAKT 6 PLAYER (included in free KOMPLETE START), or KONTAKT 6 (version 5.5.2 or higher)
Sound category: Acoustic drums
Number of sounds: Limitless patterns organized in 26 music categories
Download size (Mac/PC): 17 GB
System requirements: Mac OSX 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) Windows7 or higher (64-bit only) 4GB RAM, 17GB free disk space. Please also see the KONTAKT 6 PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT 6 PLAYER FAQ
Supported Interfaces: Stand-alone, Audio Units, VST, ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI, AAX Native (Win: Pro Tools 10 or higher, Mac: Pro Tools11 or higher)
DAW: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Studio One, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Reaper etc…
Sample Rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Number of Samples: 8,000 samples
Number of Drums:

 Kicks & toms: 25 variations from 8 kits

 Snares: 41 variations from 13 snares

 Hi-hats: 27 variations

 Rides & crash cymbals: 67 variations from 25 cymbals

Total: 185 piece library

Number of Sample Layers: Max 54 layers (Up to 27 velocities)
Cycle round-robin 2 (Max 8 with humanising option)
Channels: Mono and Stereo