Secrets of the Pros 5 Month Subscription


Secrets of the Pros 5 Month Subscription

If you are a hobbyist looking to create great sounding music for fun, or an aspiring professional out to win a Grammy Award, Secrets of the Pros has created video training that will teach you expert techniques for recording and mixing your sessions. This low priced subscription included the latest updates in recording and mixing techniques during your subscription period! Secrets of the Pros spent years putting together an incredible series of videos that will take you from the most basic concepts to an in-depth knowledge of how the best producers and engineers craft the songs you love. Recording and mixing can be complicated but this series will make it easy. Now you can subscribe and stream their training videos at a very low and affordable price. This is for hobbyist and aspiring pros, beginner to pro levels, using all digital and analog systems.

Learn to record and mix like an expert

The recording and mixing equipment (especially software) that is readily available, can become complicated to use at times. This video series will speed you thru years of learning the hard way so your music can sound like your favorite hit records. Searching the internet can be tedious and time-consuming. Plus there is a lot of misinformation out there. The trainers are recording & mixing experts at Secrets of the pros have worked with a long list of the best producers and engineers in the music industry just to create this series. This video series is a fast way for you to learn how you can make great sounding recordings in your studio.

Endorsed by a long list of Pros and beginners

This video series is currently endorsed by 4 Multi-Grammy Award winners and a long list of other in-demand Producers & Engineers. Plus beginner and mid-level customers love these training videos because they get up to speed fast and their tracks sound great. You want to spend time creating your music, not figuring out how the gear works. This series of videos will do just that.

Subscribe & Stream at an incredibly low price

Now the entire recording & mixing catalog of videos is available via low-cost subscriptions and streaming so you can watch and learn at any time, and anywhere. Secrets of the Pros is constantly creating content and with your subscription, you have access to all the new content as it comes out. Additionally, you have access to audio tracks from our recording sessions available to download and listen to in your studio. This will show you what world-class recordings sound like on a track by track level so you can work towards doing the same. You don’t need a lot of money to make pro-sounding music but you do need the skills. This series is the fastest way to learn the “Secrets of the Pros.”

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  • Covers almost every aspect of setting up, recording, mixing, MIDI, and more
  • Applies to all styles of music, and all systems (software, digital, and analog)
  • Learn techniques commonly used by a long list of the best in the audio industry
  • Over 30 series with well over 200 easy to follow videos
  • Your instructors are highly experienced and have worked with a long list of top acts in every genre of music