Secrets of the Pros Pro Recording & Mixing


Product overview :

In the Pro Recording & Mixing Series they take you into a world-class, multi-room recording studio to give you the best possible music education. Then they show you how to apply all this info into your home and/or project studio.

Your expert level education will include putting over a dozen mics on acoustic guitars so you can see and hear which you like best.
We’ll show you how to record vocals like a pro, and help you with mic choices. There are high quality, inexpensive mics out there!
(hint: it’s less about the mic and more about the room.)

This series includes and in-depth look at commonly used mixing techniques, and will save you years of experimentation. This applies to digital and analogue systems.
We will also take you through many of the most popular ways to mic guitar cabinets. You can see and hear exactly how pros work.
We also put roughly 40 mics on a drum kit, and we will show you how to get great results with as few as 3 mics. It’s an experience most pros have never had!
We set out to give you the best recording education possible. This is the experience of decades of great producers and engineers in a high definition video and audio series. You can learn at home, at your own pace, and get excellent results.

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Key Features:

  • Advanced Recording
  • Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • Works with Quicktime or iTunes
  • 5 Hours and 3 Minutes Running Time
  • Mac or PC Compatible