Secrets of the Pros Pro Series: Adv Concepts1


Product overview :

The Pro Recording and Mixing VIdeo Series Advanced Concepts, Volume 1 by Secrets of the Pros features hours of downloadable video instruction from world-class multiroom recording studios. Whether your interest is making rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, jazz, or another genre, this series will provide information on achieving your sound. It includes an in-depth look at common mixing techniques for both digital and analog systems such as recording vocals, recording guitar cabinets, and more. The videos can be viewed using Quicktime or iTunes on either a Mac or PC computer. The advanced concepts series includes discussions with lead trainer Manny LaCarrubba, who is a top studio designer, engineer, and speaker designer.

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Key Features:

  • Advanced Recording
  • Advanced Mixing Techniques
  • Works with Quicktime or iTunes
  • 1 Hour and 17 Minutes Running Time
  • Mac or PC Compatible