Dreaming is a unique collection of unheard sound sources (textures, pads and field recordings) for Omnisphere 2. Ever-evolving, deep and wide atmospheres, basses, key-pads, all deeply processed and sculpted.
All library is MW automated, often morphing sounds to LFO pulsing textures.
“Dreaming” aims to composers and producers looking for underscores, ambient music, environmental effects, soundtracks and cinematic needs.
We cannot say more than “you never had such a collection of sounds running in your Omnisphere 2”.


  • 95 patches.
  • 35 original sound sources (all seamlessly looping).
  • 585 MB.
  • All patches with Mod Wheel automations.
  • IMPORTANT: You need Omnisphere 2.3.1 to install this library.


2022-10-26System Requirement for SOUNDETHERS – Dreaming

Mac :

See Omnisphere 2 specs.

Windows :

See Omnisphere 2 specs.