Gritty and Delicate, Narrative Sounds

Fragile is a huge collection of gritty and delicate, narrative sounds for Kontakt 6.

It contains Pads, Keys and Fields with a fractured and fragile touch, from soft to noisy, slightly detuned and evolving. It is conceived for composers of various genres, like soundtracks, ambient, chill, dub and more.

Fragile contains 2+ GB of samples and offers a wide range of 380+ nki-nkm programmed sounds.

All patches appear in two versions, “clean” and “fragile”, the latter using a custom strip of distortion effects. All Pads and Keys become pulsing sounds with the Mod Wheel. All patches feature Aftertouch controlling distortion and EQ enhancement. All Multis lead to modern atmospheric territories. A collection of Field Recordings is added to provide you an even more organic palette.

The noisy delicate top end can be tamed with the Ladder Filter available on the essential GUI.

In the easy Kontakt Edit Mode (the wrench on top left) you find all parameters and effects in one single screen, with no page navigation, right there at your command. A specially crafted selection of long Convolution Reverb impulses is added to complete the atmospheric features of this library.



System Requirements for SOUNDETHERS – Fragile

  • 3 GB of free disk space
  • Full Kontakt version 6.6.1 and above

Important Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 6.6.1 and above is required.